Four Cleaning Tips for Schools and Child Care Centers

Not only are children more prone to making messes, but they are more vulnerable to illness than most adults. That being said, cleaning in schools and child care centers needs to be safe, effective, and quick. Here are some simple measures to help limit the spread of infection among both children and staff.

Wash hands frequently
Not only should children be encouraged to wash their hands regularly, but it is important for caregivers as well. Clean faucet handles regularly, as they are highly-contaminated areas.

Clean toys regularly
Toys and art supplies can be a breeding ground for germs due to how frequently they are handled. Clean these items on a rotating schedule so the job is more manageable.

Stock up on the essentials
Purchase antibacterial soap, disinfecting wipes, paper towels, and the like in bulk to ensure there is always an adequate supply on-hand.

Schedule professional cleanings regularly
While these daily cleaning practices are crucial, nothing is quite as effective in preventing the spread of germs like regular professional cleaning services in Denver, CO. While considering the health risks that infections pose on our children, the peace of mind that is gained with the help of an experienced cleaning company is priceless.