Outdoor temperatures are continuing to drop, which means cold and flu season is upon us. The CDC estimates that up to one-fifth of the US population will get the flu this season, so it’s time to start preparing. The following are some tips to help you and your employees stay healthy and avoid the flu this season from our commercial specialty cleaners in Denver, CO.

1. Get the flu shot.

Seasonal flu vaccines protect against the three most common influenza viruses. Remind your employees that they are not only protecting themselves by getting the flu shot, but they are also being considerate of others.

2. Wash your hands properly several times a day.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at how many people do not wash their hands when they should. Even the Start button on the copier is enough to bring you in contact with the flu virus. Wash your hands several times a day with soap and warm water for 15 seconds.

3. Maintain a supply of tissues, hand sanitizer, and cough drops.

Even if you aren’t sick, you can protect yourself and others by keeping these items on-hand.

4. Encourage sick employees to stay home.

Some team members may feel uncomfortable taking sick days, even if they are truly sick. As a leader, it is your job to make sure employees know that they should stay home when they are contagious.

5. Encourage your staff not to shake hands during flu season.

Clients and visitors will appreciate them saying, “Please forgive me for not shaking your hand; I haven’t been feeling well.”

6. Cough or sneeze into your elbow.

As you could imagine, coughing or sneezing directly into your palm is a quick way to make your hands a host full of germs. Get into the habit of using your elbow instead, and encourage others to do the same.

7. Don’t prepare food for the office party.

While potlucks and office parties are fun, it isn’t hard for any germs in your household to make their way to your dish. Request that your employees bring food that is already prepared or store-bought instead.

8. Provide disinfectant wipes.

An efficient and inexpensive way to prevent the spread of illness is by providing disinfectant wipes for employees to use on surfaces such as desks, keyboards, and mice.

9. Schedule professional cleanings.

While you and your team can play an active role in preventing the spread of the flu this season, you may not have the time and resources available to ensure your area remains as germ-free as possible. With regular professional commercial cleaning services in Denver, CO, you can help avoid the spread of the flu and stay productive this season.