A Leading Specialty Cleaning Company in Denver, CO

One of the first things clients or customers notice when they visit your building is the floors. Don’t forsake your flooring when it’s time to clean! Trust Kep Klen LLC for comprehensive flooring and carpet cleaning services. Since 2007, our specialty cleaners in Denver, CO, have been providing a wide range of services that keep homes and businesses clean. From the floor to the ceiling, our team ensures your building is spotless.

Cleaning Your Carpets from Wall to Wall

There’s more than one way to clean a carpet. With our many years of experience in residential cleaning in Denver, CO, we know the right method to use to make your carpets look like new again. We clean small and big areas—both residential and commercial carpets. The following are the two carpet cleaning methods we use:

  • Hot Water Extraction
    Remove Dry Soil from Floor
    Apply Preconditioning
    Remove Suspended Soil with Wet Flushing Action & High-Pressure Extraction
    Let Dry (12 to 24 Hours)
  • Bonnet Cleaning
    Remove Dry Soil from Floor
    Apply Preconditioning
    Extract Soil & Stains with Bonnet on a Rotating Machine
    Let Dry (One to Four Hours)

Schedule Regular Floor Maintenance

Your floors take a lot of abuse. As the months go by, even the best floors show signs of wear and tear. Take care of your floors by turning to our team for floor scrubbing and maintenance services. When providing floor maintenance, our cleaning services in Denver, CO, include:

  • Strip & Wax
    Strip Old Wax from Floor & Apply Two or More Coats of Wax
  • Top Scrub & Recoat
    Scrub Floor Surface & Apply Two Coats of Wax
  • Spray Buffing & Burnishing
    Damp Mop Floor & Machine Buff While Applying a Light Mixture of Wax

Revitalize Your Old Floors

Do your old floors need some TLC? Perhaps it’s time to create something new. By providing floor scrubbing and acid washing, we transform your old floors.

  • Machine Scrub
    Low-Speed Floor Machine with Bristle Brush & Wet Dry Vacuum Pick Up
    Low-Speed Floor Machine with 16” Cylindrical Scrub Deck That Automatically Applies Solution, Scrubs, & Extracts Water (Ideal for Smaller Spaces)
    Low-Speed Floor Machine with 17” or 32” Scrub Deck That Automatically Applies Solution, Scrubs, and Extracts Water (Ideal for Larger Areas)
  • Acid Wash
    Ideal for Deep Cleaning Ceramic Tile or Grout

Contact us for more information about our specialty cleaning services. We proudly serve customers throughout Denver, CO, and the surrounding areas.